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U1173A IR-USB PC Connectivity Cable request for Service Note: U1271A-02F-S / U1272A-02F-S

Thank you for selecting Keysight U1271A/U1272A True RMS Handheld Multimeter.

Please complete the form accurately as we will be using the information to:
a) Validate your eligibility for a free IR-USB PC Connectivity cable based on the purchase details.
b) Have your correct address for shipment.

This offer valid only for residents of the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

Service Note U1271A-02F-S and U1272A-02F-S Feedback Form.

* Information requise

30 character limit

2 UPPER CASE LETTERS (i.e. NY). Use NA where not applicable for your country.

Please include area code

Separate multiple serial numbers up to 10 serial numbers with commas, e.g. MY50350001, MY50350002



Inaccurate information provided will disqualify requestor from receiving the free cable.

If you do not receive the IR-USB PC Connectivity Cable within 3 weeks, please contact ircable_request@keysight.com.

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