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How do I renew an expired MBP or MQA license?

First, request a new license:

Then, install your new license as follows:

For a Local license

Please replace the expired license file in /lic folder with your new license file.

For a Floating license

Please replace the expired license file on the license server with your new license file and restart the FLEXlm license server as follows:

  1. Change directory to where FLEXlm lmgrd and your license file are located. (The license file is typically named license.dat or license.lic. We will use license.dat in the instructions that follow.)
  2. Stop the current server by running:

    ./lmdown -c license.dat
  3. New MBP and MQA licenses from Keysight require FlexNet 11.

    You can download the FlexNet software you need from the MBP or MQA software download page under the FlexNet Licensing Software tab (https://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-latest-downloads).
  4. Start the server with your FlexNet lmgrd and new licenses by running:

    ./lmgrd -c ./license.dat -l ./accelicon.log &

Note: The ampersand (‘&’) causes the lmgrd daemon to run as a background process. If you don’t include the ampersand, lmgrd and the avpmqa vendor daemon will start and display in the window in which you ran the lmgrd command.