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Load Serial Number into FieldFox (New System Board)


This process is to be used when a replacement A5 System Board is installed into a FieldFox. The unit model and serial numbers are stored on the A5 System Board.

  1. Install the new board into the instrument and confirm that the instrument operates.
  2. Establish telnet communication with the FieldFox and download the model and serial number.

Note: for this process to work, the initial serial number stored in the unit must be zero. A replacement A5 System Board will have zeroed model and serial numbers.


  1. Obtain a new A5 System Board and install the replacement board into the FieldFox instrument. See Chapter 7 of the Service Guide for details.
  2. Turn the FieldFox on and confirm that the model number and serial number are set to zero:
    • Press System(7)
    • Press Service Diagnostics
    • Press System Information
    • The Model Number and Serial Number will be listed on the display.
    • If the serial number is not zero, the commands below will not work. Return the A5 System Board to Keysight and get a replacement board. Include a note with the returned board that the serial number is not zero.
    • Check the Firmware Release displayed on the FieldFox, is must be A.04.00 or greater. Upgrade the firmware if necessary.
  3. Establish a telnet session between a PC and the FieldFox. Follow the instructions on the Telnet Communication web page. A successful response to the "*idn?" command indicates a functioning telnet session.
  4. Enter the following commands in the telnet session on the PC: (use capitals)
    • Warning: If the numbers in following command are entered incorrectly, the instrument will have to be returned to a Keysight Service Center. Double check your typing before completing the command.

      :DIAG:MNSN "INTERNAL","MODEL=N99xxA,SERIAL=CCxxxxyyyy" (desired model and serial numbers)

      (no response is expected, wait 10 to 90 seconds for SCPI prompt to return)


      If the response string is "OK:........." then the earlier command has been successful. If the response string is "ERROR:........" then try again.
  5. Reboot the FieldFox.
  6. Check that the model and serial number are as expected.
  7. Check that the expected FieldFox options are active. Press System, System Configuration, Options, Show Options.


In case of problems

If the process is unsuccessful but the model and serial numbers are still zeroed, attempt the above process again.

If you are not able to successfully set the desired model and serial numbers, return the instrument to a Keysight Service Center. The Keysight Service Center will set the model and serial numbers to the values shown on the serial number label on the rear case. Include a list of expected options.