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Handheld Digital Multimeter Cash Back Offer

This promotion has expired. If you have purchased a Keysight Handheld Digital Multimeter, please fill out this online form within 30 days upon receiving your instrument.

Get up to $100 cash rebate for every Keysight Handheld Digital Multimeter you purchase from 1st Aug, 2011 to 30th. April, 2012.

Keysight HHDMM models                                                     Cash Rebate
U1231A, U1232A, U1233A                                                          $ 30 
U1241B, U1242B                                                                       $ 60
U1251B, U1252B, U1253B, U1271A, U1272A, U1273A                       $100

Here are 3 simple steps to get your cash rebate:

STEP 1: Select your preferred Keysight Handheld DMM

STEP 2: Buy from your preferred Keysight Authorized Distributor in your area

STEP 3: Fill out this simple form to redeem!

It’s that easy! Get the most value from Keysight and RETOOL YOUR EXPECTATIONS today!

Cash Back Terms and Conditions

*This offer is available in Canada only. For questions or feedback, please email us at hhcashback@keysight.com