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How can I remotely connect to all my USB DAQ devices, Digital IOs, and card cage?

Please make sure that your remote PC (which is connected to all your USB instruments) is connected to the same network as yourself. However, your remote PC cannot be connected via wireless mode to the network. Only LAN connection is permitted.

1) Please take note of the remote PC IP address.

2) Open up your PC's Keysight Connection Expert


Agilent Connection Expert


Manually add an Interface


Remote USB Interface- Remote

6) After key in the IP address for the remote PC, please make sure to click on "Test connection" before clicking the "OK" button.

7) Once you set everything, now you will be able to view whatever USB devices that is connected to the remote PC from your own PC via the Keysight Connection Expert.

8) Keysight VEE and Measurement Manager (AMM) will be able to detect remote devices once they are seen in the Keysight Connection Expert.