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Measuring Without Placing a Probe and Measuring Things That Haven't Been Built Yet

In this four part video series, Dr. Colin Warwick (High Speed Digital Design Flow Manager, Keysight EEsof EDA) explains how modern EDA tools can make it easy to build S-parameter models from geometry and electromagnetic simulation. Using Keysight EDA tools, Dr. Warwick discusses:

  • How to probe in a convenient place and measure inaccessible places without a physical probe.
  • How to explore the design space by varying a simulated virtual geometry.
  • Validating baseline simulation against actual measurements on a physical prototype.

1. De-mystifying electromagnetism (EM) to prepare you for designing high-speed digitial designs. The Infiniium real time scope with InfiniiSim de-embedding software enables you to measure signals wherever you want, not just where you can place a probe easily. But to do this, you need the s-parameters between the probe and the point of interest. The s-parameters could come from measurement, but this reopens the problem of getting a probe on the point of interest. The first part of this series shows how you can use 3D geometry, material properties, and electromagnetic simulation to create the de-embedding information even for points of interest that are inaccessible.

2. The EM design flow and Keysight's Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro). This second part will demonstrate how to explore the design space without the expensive and time consuming “cut and try” method of building and measuring many different prototypes. You'll learn how to use measured data from hardware that has been built and use simulation with EDA tools to quickly and inexpensively determine the characteristics of candidates that haven’t been built yet.

EMPro Results

3. Building a design in EMPro, simulation setup, and displaying results. Electromagnetism, Maxwell’s equations, de-embedding, EMPro, ADS.

4. Using S-parameter models to measure and extrapolate model geometry and electromagnetic performance. Shows how the use of electromagnetic simulation is synergistic with measured data.

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