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External Datalogging Example Program for the N6705A

Example programs work with N6705A mainframes with any of the N67xx DC power modules.

This zip file contains an example on how to do an external datalog on a N6705A DC Power Analyzer. External datalogging allows the user to store their datalogs on their computer instead of a drive connected to the N6705A’s USB port.

Download the file and unzip it to get the project files.

This example is written in Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0 using the Keysight VISA-COM IO library that is included with the Keysight IO Libraries.

This program will allow a user to set up communication with a Keysight DC Power Analyzer, set the output of the DC Power Analyzer, and log data directly to a CSV file on their computer.

Please e-mail any feedback on this example to plsp-power_prod_support@keysight.com

Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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External Datalogging Example for the Keysight N6705A DC Power Analyzer 
Sample program written in VB6 with Keysight VISA-COM IO

Programming Example 2010-04-14

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