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ADS 2009 Software Patches/Hotfixes

Hotfix - hotfix-dglic-20090413


If you have received new or renewal licenses that include any of the new ADS bundled licenses and/or elements, you will be instructed to download and install a licensing hot fix.

You must have ADS 2009 installed before installing this hotfix.

This hot fix is required to:

1. Enable your new licenses to work seamlessly with the ADS 2009.

2. Address a timeout issue with Design Guides.

3. The following downloads require ADS 2009 version to be installed:

NOTE: An updated version of this licensing hot fix is available as of April 2009 to address the timeout issue with Design Guides. For customers that have already installed the initial version of the licensing hot fix prior to April 2009, please install the updated version.

For additional information, please visit: How do I use the new ADS Bundled Licenses and Elements?

Installation Instructions