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What has changed in IO Libraries Suite 15.1?

IO LIbraries Suite 15.1 has been replaced by IO Libraries Suite 15.5, which you can download at www.agilent.com/find/iosuite

OS support changes

  • Added support for Vista Home and Vista Home Premium (32-bit versions only)
  • Last release to support Windows 2000

Industry standards tracking

  • Updated to support the LXI 1.3 standard - the LAN discovery tool will now discover instruments that support the mDNS protocol
  • Updated to support the IEEE1588-2008 standard - Agilent Interactive LXI, and the associated Agilent PTP Manager API, is now able to interact with IEEE1588-2008 PTP clocks

Product enahancements and bug fixes

  • IO Monitor has been updated to simplify the user experience and add some key missing functionality. New features include: printing support, the ability to open multiple log files, and simplified logging and I/O layer filtering options.
  • Simpler 82357 USB/GPIB converter driver installation. Users can now plug in their USB/GPIB converter and the drivers will automatically be installed with no questions, no prompts (Administrative privileges required on Windows 2K and XP)!
  • Fixed the Agilent/NI USB-TMC/488 interoperability issue on Windows Vista
  • Agilent Connection Expert now allows users to change the Logical Unit (LU) assigned to 82357 USB/GPIB convertors
  • Agilent Connection Expert now sets the Agilent 488 Board Number to the same value as the VISA interface ID

You can download the latest version of the IO Libraries Suite at www.agilent.com/find/iosuite

Last Updated: 01September, 2009

IO Libraries Suite 15.1 is a maintenance release with bug fixes and minor product enhancements.