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What has changed in IO Libraries Suite 15.0 LXI Compliant Update?

IO Libraries Revisions: Suite 15.0 LXI compliant Update

This release has been replaced by IO Libraries Suite 15.1.

Please download it from www.agilent.com/find/iosuite

This release includes key defect fixes, as well as some updated features to support new LXI standards.

Worldwide bug fixes

  1. The defect fixed in IO Libraries Suite 15.0 Patch1 is also included in this release (Instrument I/O quits working if the PC is left running for greater than 24 days without reboot).
  2. IO Libraries Suite 15.0 would not install (Error 1920).
  3. IProcXXX / IO Control would not start when a PC was rebooted. This caused intermittent or total failures of instrument I/O capabilities.
  4. Some Agilent products (BenchLink Datalogger, and Signal Studio applications) would not install if IO Libraries Suite 15.0 was installed.

Japanese/Korean-specific bug fixes

  1. Interactive LXI does not resize properly on a Japanese PC.
  2. Connection Expert fails to open on Vista Japanese PCs with Office 2007 installed.

LXI compliant updates to support new LXI standards

  1. Support for LXI 1.2 (changes from LXI 1.1) including: a new "stateless" flag, the "Retransmission" flag has been deprecated, LXI Compliant A and B instruments are now required to handle "future time" LXI events (events that happen in the future), instrument web pages now have an XML Identification Document, etc.
  2. Support for IEEE 1588-2008 (changes from IEEE 1588-2002) including: a new Product Description field in the clock description; manufacturer identity is now a 3 hex digit OUI, Management messages to all clocks and ports change, clock ID’s now use the EUI-64 format, positions of Boolean flags in messages have changed, positions of fields in some PTP messages have changed, etc.

You can download the latest version of the IO Libraries Suite at www.agilent.com/find/iosuite

Last Updated: 05January, 2009