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Tips for X-ray Users On Exporting NDF’s With No Loads Set To False

Navigating CAD can be a time consuming process. Small tips can be extremely helpful in creating quality programs in a short amount of time. The steps outlined within provide Automated X-ray Inspection 5DX users with the information they need to export NDF’s with no loads set to false.

1. After using BOM explorer to set no loads to false Select Tools > Attributes > Automated Attribute Assignment from the menu, as shown in Figure 1.

 Figure 1: Recommended selections from step 1.
 Tips for X-ray

2. Select "by Attribute" check box and select "Datas" in the drop down box, as shown in Figure 1.

 Figure 2: Recommended selections from step 2.
 Tips for X-ray

3. As shown in Figure 3, in the keyword list select "Loaded". Select "False" in the value box. In the attribute to assign select 5DX_Test from the drop down. In the value box type "False".

 Figure 3: Recommended selections from step 3.
 Tips for X-ray

4. Select the assign attributes button. The items assigned will update. Repeat step 3 for "Loaded" = "True". Then panelize and export NDF’s as normal.