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What is Interactive LXI?

IO Libraries Revisions: Suite 15 and greater

This tool is no longer included as part of IO Libraries 17.0 or later. You can download it separately from Keysight LXI Event and Timing Libraries and Tools

Agilent’s Interactive LXI provides two user interface tools to learn about LXI Events and IEEE 1588 timing and also provide debugging tools for your LXI and IEEE 1588 systems. The Agilent LXI Event Explorer provides tools for creating/monitoring LXI events. The LXI Timing Explorer provides tools for monitoring the IEEE 1588 PTP clocks (setting time, selecting the system Master Clock, etc.).

Interactive LXI supports version 2.0 of the IEEE 1588 specification.

Interactive LXI can be accessed from the IO Control, in your Windows taskbar, by selecting Utilities, then Interactive LXI.

Last Updated: February 7, 2015