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Can I use the Fixture Simulator functions with the 2-port ENA?

(SUPPORTED MODELS IN BOLD: E5071C E5072A E5070B/71B E5070A/71A E5061A/62A E5061B E5063A E5091A E5092A)

Yes, but the function is limited.
With the Fixture Simulator, the functions related to Single-ended conversions are available, but mixed-mode conversions are not.
So with the 2-port ENA, following functions are available for the Fixture Simulator.

  • Matching circuit embedding
  • Port reference impedance conversion
  • Network de-embedding
  • 4-port network embedding/de-embedding (Topology A is the only option, firmware revision A.03.5x or higher for E5070A/71A/70B/71B, not supported by E5063A)
  • Balanced measurement (firmware revision A.09.60 or higher for E5071C).
  • Differential/common port reference impedance conversion (firmware revision A.09.60 or higher for E5071C).
  • Differential matching circuit embedding (firmware revision A.09.60 or higher for E5071C).

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