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How do I use the VI source?

The V/I source on the MCM card is a useful way to measure zener diodes and leakage currents. It can also be used as a four-quadrant DAC (four quadrant means that it can sink or source current at positive or negative voltages).

To measure zener diodes, use the action ForceIMeasV, which outputs a current and measures the resulting voltage. In this configuration, you must connect the VISrcHi terminal to the zener diode, and you must also connect the DMMHi signal to the zener. The low sides typically go to ground.

To measure leakage current, use the action ForceVMeasI, which outputs a voltage through a sense resistor, and automatically connects the DMMHi to the VI side of the sense resistor. You must connect DMMLo and VISrcHi to the component whose leakage you wish to measure. Make sure the component is in the off state. There are four ranges available, and thus four sense resistors. When you enter the parameter "expected current", the action calculates which range would be most appropriate on which to take a reading.

To simply output a voltage or current, use the actions viSetSourceXXX, where XXX = DCV, ACV or DCI.