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Can I do durability or multi-up testing?

The 5400 test system architecture was optimized for high throughput manufacturing functional test, not DV applications such as durability or multi-up testing. However, it has been successfully used in such applications. There are several ways to do it. One way is to run multiple instances of Agilent TestExec SL. This is done in the TS-5500 cellphone tester.

However, care must be exercised to lock devices properly when accessing shared resources. If you choose to implement multi-up using only one instance of the testplan, then you have other options. Several actions have been written to provide:

1) a way of handling the typically long time delays that can occur when doing durability testing,

2) a way of collecting datalog files created by multiple UUT testplans, resorting the data by UUT, and writing it out in a compact, spreadsheet-compatible format,

3) a way of forcing the log directory to be changed dynamically.

Note, too, that there can be fairly severe power and load current ramifications when building a durability test system. It is recommended that durability or multi-up testing requirements be discussed with an Agilent Application Engineer or Solutions Architect before purchasing the system for these types of tasks.