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Can I run my VEE program as an executable program?

With VEE 4.X, a new runtime scheme was introduced to make a VEE program look as much like an executable program as possible. The user can save secured VEE programs with a .VXE (VEE eXEcutable) extension; when these programs are selected under Windows, they are automatically executed -- by way of an "association" to the "veerun.exe" file set up when VEE is installed.

Special circumstances:

1. A VEE user wanted to use a command-line option the "-veeio " option, which allows the user to specify an alternate VEE I/O configuration file -- and found out that it worked for the original .VEE file but not for the run-time .VXE file. This turned out to be a somewhat difficult configuration issue. For program development, a user invokes the "vee.exe" file through the Windows start menu or a shortcut; it is simple to modify either to add the "-veeio " option, and this works fine for program development. Once saved as a .VXE file, however, the program is then executed by "veerun.exe" automatically through the file association ... and so the same option has to be applied to "veerun.exe." The appropriate changes can be made through either Windows Explorer or Windows MyComputer ... just select:

View -> Options -> File Types

-- then find "HP VEE Executable" and "Edit" that entry ... you will get a list of elections with "open" as the only entry, so "Edit" that in turn. This gives an invocation of "veerun.exe" that can be modified to add the "-veeio " option. From that point on, all invocations of .VXE files from Windows will use that VEE I/O configuration file.

2. Another VEE user wanted to know how he could execute runtime programs that required different VEE I/O configuration files. If a user expects to simply select a .VXE file and run it from, say, Windows Explorer, the association is based on the .VXE file extension -- and the association will always call the same invocation of "veerun.exe", with the same options that the user specified. In this circumstance, different configuration files are not possible. The user could create custom extensions like .VX1, .VX2, and so on, and set up different associations for each ... but that seems like a clumsy solution. If a user wants to have different VEE programs run with different options, the clean thing to do is simply set up a "veerun.exe" shortcut icon for each program the user wants to run, and customize it to order.

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