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VEE: What do I need to install in order to make VEE operational?

The answer to this question depends on how VEE is to be used.

1. Will VEE be used to write/edit programs, or merely to run previously written programs (secured runtime version or .VXE files)?

a.To write or edit programs one must install the "Development" software module.

b.To run previously written programs (secured runtime version) one must install the Runtime" software module. It may also be necessary to install and configure the VEE.IO file. This is explained in the Help files:

When distributing your program to other systems, you need to include your instrument configuration file. After copying and installing all required files on a run-time system, the end user may find that the instrument configuration file needs modification. VEE RunTime lets the user modify this area of the program. To modify the instrument configuration file, run the following command:

veerun.exe -ioconfig

This runs VEE RunTime and opens the Instrument Manager to allow the end user to change and save the configuration.

2. Will VEE be used to control instruments and/or communicate with peripheral devices? If either of these goals is in view, it may be necessary to install some type of I/O drivers or libraries.

a. HP-IB, GPIO, HP-IB/LAN Gateway.

For HP or Agilent cards, install the HP I/O libraries. Usually the latest revision is the best choice.


For cards manufactured by other vendors, it is necessary to use the libraries or drivers supplied by the respective vendors,

c. RS-232

To use the RS-232 port in VEE it is necessary to install the HP I/O libraries and configure the RS-232 port.

d. Parallel port

It is possible to communicate through the parallel port or perform other types of ported I/O by calling functions in a DLL.

e. PC plug-in cards

Some vendors (ComputerBoards and Data Translation) provide the appropriate drivers to use their plug-in cards in VEE.

3. Will Universal Instrument Drivers be required?

Though VEE communicates with instruments easily through the Direct I/O object, there are times when it is convenient to use an instrument driver. The plug-and-play drivers (Universal Instrument Drivers) typically take up a lot of space on the hard drive. It may be better to install them only as needed.

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