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How do I get VEE to see my serial port?

First, make sure that you have configured your serial port in the I/O Libraries. Go to Start-> Programs-> I_O Libraries-> I_O Config. Select RS-232 in Available Interfaces and Click on Configure. Set the configuration values you chose and note the "Logical Unit" value in the RS-232 Serial Configuration Window. This is the address for the serial interface that will be used in VEE. Click OK. Click OK on I/O Config.

Next, Open VEE and click on I/O-> Instrument manager. Click on Find Instruments ("Refresh" in VEE 4.x), and note the interface name. The number of the Serial Interface must match the Logical Unit (usually 1 for COM1) found under I/O Config. If necessary, change it to match the Logical Unit value seen in I/O Config.

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