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How can ESG-B source memory be erased for security purposes.

When you need to erase the memory of any ESG-B source just follow this short procedure: 1. Turn OFF the ESG-B source. 2. Press and hold the green 'Preset' key while turning ON the ESG-B source. Continue to hold the green 'Preset' key until ESG-B display shows the 'Fail-safe' recovery sequence menu. "You have entered the ESG fail-safe recovery sequence. This... Information in this area explains what fail-safe procedure will do and gives you the choice of not performing the procedure. To perform the procedure press Yes. ...Pressing Yes will erase ESG-B memory." NOTES: 1. The ESG-B should then be turned OFF and then ON again to allow the microprocessor to reinitialize factory defaults and reset factory installed options. 2. I/Q calibration should be done before using ESG-B as a digital modulation source. 3. DCFM/DCPM calibration should be done before using ESG-B as a FM/PM source.