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How do I enable the free 30-day trial license?

Before purchasing the software, you can use a free one-time, 30-day trial license that enables all features and capabilities available within the software. Be sure to check your system requirements before downloading and using the Signal Studio software. System requirements and model selections are listed in the Signal Studio online documentation

Signal Studio B Models

To obtain a trial license for Signal Studio B models (e.g. N7615B), download the Signal Studio software and visit the Keysight Software Licensing trial license request page for that model. Go to the link above, select your model, and click the trial license link. You must provide your contact information along with the model number and serial number of the instrument for which the trial license is being issued. On ESG, PSG, and MXG/MXG ATE signal generators, press Utility > Instrument Info > Diagnostic Info to obtain these numbers. (For the MXG ATE, use the web interface.) On the PXB, click System > Product Information to obtain these numbers.

After completing your request, you will receive an email that includes the trial license and instructions for installing the license. The trial period begins when the license is issued (not installed) through the Keysight Software Licensing website and is non-renewable.

Signal Studio Models N7613A and N7620A

For Signal Studio models N7613A and N7620A, the software prompts you to enable the trial license when you first make a connection to the signal generator or try to download a waveform to the signal generator. To get started, download and install the Signal Studio software from the main product page.