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I have an E1476A and E8491B in my VXI chassis and an external voltmeter. I would like to setup a scanning voltmeter configuration using the E1476A + external voltmeter. The trigger signals between the E1476B and the external voltmeter need to be...

The trigger path between the external voltmeter and the E1476A is channeled through the E8491B.

  1. The Trigger In port of the E8491B should be routed to one of the VXI backplane trigger lines. That VXI trigger line will serve as the Trigger Source to the E1476A. This will enable the “VM Complete” signal from the external voltmeter to be routed to the E1476A.

    Setup the Trigger Source of the E1476A to be TTL4 using the E1476A VXI pnp driver command* as follows:

                             hpe1476_trigSour(vi, hpe1476_TRIG_SOUR_TTLT4)

    Setup the Trigger In port of the E8491B to be routed to TTL4 using the VISA function call* as follows:

                            ivxitrigroute(e8491, I_TRIG_EXT0, I_TRIG_TTL4)
  2. The Trigger Out port of the E8491B should be tied to another VXI backplane trigger line. The "Channel Closed" signal from the E1476A will be routed to the Trigger Out port of the E8491B through that VXI backplane trigger line.

    Setup the E1476A to output a trigger on TTL3 when channel is closed:

                             hpe1476_outpTtltStat_M(vi, 3, 1)

    Setup the E8491B Trig Out port to receive its signal from TTL3

                              ivxitrigroute(e8491, I_TRIG_TTL3, I_TRIG_EXT0)
  3. Connect the E8491B Trigger Out port to the external voltmeter’s External Trigger In. Setup the Trigger Source of the external voltmeter to be External Trigger using the command shown in the voltmeter’s programming manual.
  4. hpe1476_routScanPort(vi, hpe1476_ROUT_SCAN_PORT_ABUS) sets the E1476A to use the analog bus. Setup the scan list. For example,

                              hpe1476_routScanList(vi, "100,101,100,102,100")
  5. Initiate the scan in the E1476A using hpe1476_initImm(vi) command.