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What probes are available for my logic analyzer?

Agilent offers the following four basic categories of logic analyzer probes.

  • Soft Touch Connectorless Probes: These require a Soft Touch footprint (a specific arrangement of pads) designed into your Device Under Test. A retention module is also required. Retention modules can either be soldered to the board or held firmly in place during acquisition.
  • Samtec Probes: These require a 100-pin Samtec connector designed into your Device Under Test.
  • Mictor Probes: These require a 38-pin Mictor connector designed into your Device Under Test.
  • General Purpose Probes and Accessories: These are also known as "flying lead" probes. Flying lead probes provide an individual coaxial lead for each logic analyzer channel. These leads can either be used with additional adapters or directly connected to 0.025" square pins.

Each of the above probe types is available for logic analyzers with both 40-pin and 90-pin input connectors.

40-pin logic analyzer connectors are very common. The following analyzers have 40-pin connectors.

  • Modules: 16910/11A, 16750/51/52 (A/B), 16740 Series, 16715/16/17/18/19A, 16710/11/12A, All 165xx.
  • Portable: 16800 Series 1680 Series, 1670 Series, 1660 Series, 1650 Series
  • PC-hosted: 1690 Series, E9340A LogicWave

90-pin logic analyzer connectors are a newer technology that supports differential and single-ended signals. The following analyzers have 90-pin connectors

  • Modules: 16950B, 16951B, 16950A, 16753A, 16754A, 16755A, 16756A, and 16760A

Since all 90-pin analyzers support differential measurements, Agilent offers both single-ended and differential probes for use with these models.

For model numbers and illustrations of available logic analyzer probes, see the Logic Analyzer Probing Selection Card under Related Links. Note that all 90-pin probes are shown on pages 1-2 and all 40-pin probes are shown on pages 3-4.

For more information on probes and accessories, including mechanical and electrical considerations, see the Probing Solutions Guide under the Product Library.

For information on processor- and bus-specific probing solutions, including analysis probes and inverse assemblers, see the Application Support for Agilent Logic Analyzers under the Product Library.