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Which models of Infiniium scopes support the 1130-series InfiniiMax probes?

With the right software revision, any model of Infiniium scope will support the InfiniiMax probes. See below for the minimum software revision required for your particular model.

  • For models 54810A, 54815A, 54820A, 54825A, 54835A, 54845A, 54846A, 54845B, 54846B: Software revision A.04.50 is required. Many older units are not easily upgradeable past revision A.03.72.

Note that some literature in circulation claims that InfiniiMax probes are not compatible with 5481xA and 5482xA. This incompatibility was determined before version A.04.50 was officially released for use with these models.

  • For models 54830B, 54830D, 54831B, 54831D, 54832B, 54832D, 54833A, 54833D: Software revision A.03.16 is required. Since this revision only runs under Windows XP, Windows XP is also required.
  • For models 54852A, 54853A, 54854A, 54855A: All software revisions support the InfiniiMax probe amplifiers. Revision A.03.10 added support for the E2695A InfiniiMax SMA Adapter probe head.

To check your software revision, click Help | About Infiniium.