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What are the differences between an E7400A Series EMC Analyzer and an ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer with Option AYQ- EMI Detectors & FM Demod?

The table below outlines the differences between the features of these two different configurations.......

E7400A EMC Analyzer vs. ESA-E Series with Option AYQ
Feature   E7400A Series    ESA-E Series with Option AYQ 
  CISPR 16-1-1 Compliant   No   No
  Quasi-Peak Detector   Yes   Yes
  EMC Average Detector   Yes   Yes
  200Hz, 9KHz, and 120KHz EMI Bandwidths   Yes   Yes (with Option 1DR)
  3dB, 6dB, and Impulse 1MHz Resolution Bandwidth   Yes   3dB only
  Resolution Bandwidth Coupling Options   Yes   No
  CISPR Frequency Band Setups   Yes   No
  4 Amplitude Correction Registers   Yes   Yes
  Antenna Units Selection   Yes   No
  Two Limit Lines with Margins and Test   Yes   Yes
  EMC Measure-at-Marker Function   Yes   No
  EMC Auto-Measure Function   Yes   No
  EMC Signal List Table and Delta Limit Data   Yes   No
  EMC Report Generation   Yes   No
  Default Amplitude Units   dBuV   dBm
  Uses Setups, Limit Lines, & Trans. Factors Disk   Yes   All But Setups
  Compatible with E7415A EMI Measurement Software   Yes   No
  Built-in RF Preamp (Option 1DS)   Standard   Optional
  Narrow Resolution Bandwidths (Option 1DR)   Standard   Optional
  Segmented Sweep   No   Yes
  Power Suite Utility   No   Yes
  Additional Measurement Personalities   No   Optional