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How can the N897xA NFA Series memory be erased for security purposes?

There is a power on keypress combination that can be used to erase the N897xA NFA Series memory. The exact combination to use depends on the memory the user wants to erase.


The NFA contains 16Mb DRAM which stores all data relating to current instrument operation (e.g. ENR tables, frequency lists etc.).

To erase the DRAM memory, power up the NFA while pressing the 'ESC' and 'Prev' keys. Release the two keys when the normal power up sequence begins.


The NFA contains 8Mb Flash memory which stores the instrument firmware and any files the user has saved to internal memory.

To erase the Flash memory, power up the NFA while pressing the 'Esc', 'Prev', and 'Mode Setup' keys. Continue holding the three keys for at least 20 seconds after the NFA has powered up (the NFA display will be completely white). Leave the instrument for 10 minutes to ensure the memory is completely erased.

Note: The NFA firmware will need to be re-installed if the Flash memory is erased. Make sure you have a copy of the latest firmware available before erasing the Flash memory.