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What are the Keysight Medalist i3070 limited access test solutions?

Traditional in-circuit test (ICT) techniques are based on the assumption of 100% electrical test access to nodes on a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). However, the world of electronics assembly continues to see complex packages, connectors and new high speed devices piled onto shrinking PCB real estate, all of which result in increasing limitation to test access.

To address this challenge, Agilent's Super 7 suite of limited access test innovations are tools that can help to regain PCBA test coverage. These seven solutions are:

  1. Cover-Extend Technology
  2. Bead Probe Technology
  3. IEEE 1149.1 InterconnectPlus Boundary Scan
  4. IEEE 1149.6 Boundary Scan
  5. Silicon Nails
  6. DriveThru
  7. Access Consultant

For further information please see Limited Access Test Products - The Super 7 Suite