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Tips for Making Better Memory Measurements – Video Series

U4154A logic analyzerGetting the proper insight into your memory system can be quite challenging. Keysight is here to help. The following information is designed to help you get a comprehensive, unique and extensive analysis done in less time. Watch this series of short videos that are based on the U4154A 4 Gb/s AXIe-based Logic Analyzer.

Download the video by clicking on the link below. The video requires Apple QuickTime player. You may download and install the player from the Apple QuickTime player home page.  

Get your memory industry update today!

Order a CD that has a series of videos from our industry expert, Perry Keller discussing current memory trends and upcoming design challenges for 2012. In addition get a few application notes on memory and a copy of the first U4154A videos in the series for tips on making better memory measurements with the world's fastest logic analyzer.

Documents & Downloads

U4154A Highest Confidence in Measurement Accuracy - video 
U4154A captures data on signals with very small eye openings (100psx 100mV typical), enabling reliable capture at higher data rates.

Demo 2011-03-28

null QT 10.70 MB
Using Burst Trigger to Capture DDR3 Burst Data - video 
Triggering on sequential bursts of data at data rates up to 2.5Gb/s is made easy with powerful new triggering on the U4154A.

Demo 2011-05-23

null QT 7.38 MB
DDR3 Signal Integrity Insight from a Logic Analyzer - video 
HW accelerated, colorized Eye scan on the U4154A provides Signal Integrity insight.

Demo 2011-08-03

null QT 12.75 KB
Saving time with the DDR setup assistant - video 
DDR setup assistant walks you through setting up your DDR measurements

Demo 2011-09-08

null QT 7.58 MB
DDR3 Protocol Analysis and Violation Detection - video 
U4154A with FuturePlus DDR3 Detective creates full featured DDR3 Protocol Analyzer

Demo 2011-10-26

null QT 10.63 KB
Unique signal integrity insight using Burst Scan mode - video 
Burst scan mode provides unique signal integrity insight views for bubble bursts where a Read is followed exactly one cycle by another Read and scans of only no Back to Back bursts for easy viewing of all DQS preambles relative to each other.

Demo 2012-01-12

null QT 23.68 MB
Revolutionize Memory Debug and Validation with Bus Level Signal Integrity Insight – Video 
Compare eye scans from the U4154A logic analyzer to all systems being scanned, relative to each other and to the system, to gain bus-level insight and save time in the debug and validation cycle.

Demo 2012-02-29

null MP4 99.70 MB