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ADS-Instrument Links

Links between Keysight Technologies instruments and Keysight EEsof EDA software greatly extend the capabilities both of instruments and of EDA software.

Connected Solutions

Keysight Technologies connected solutions integrate Advanced Design System (ADS) and Keysight instrumentation to allow the sharing of signals, measurements, algorithms, and data in both directions between the two domains.

Connected Solutions can be used to create simulation models from measurements of existing components. Connected solutions can also determine if a component or sub-system will work within the system as a whole, without having to build the whole system.

Connected Solutions can also be used to create signals for device testing that include the actual signal impairments that will be present when the system is built.

Connection Manager

The Connection Manager greatly expands the Advanced Design System's ability to connect and control Keysight Instrumentation, and thus expands the Keysight Connected Solutions possible with ADS.

The Connection Manager can read data from, download data to, and control an instrument, but it also provides new functionality such as: automatic discovery of the instruments connected to it; a built-in swept power s-parameter application for creating behavioral models of an amplifier; the ability to connect to instruments from a UNIX computer; saving the Connection Manager configuration; and context sensitive help.

Advanced Design System Instrument Server

The instrument server capability is built into the ADS Design Environment and provides a control facility for bi-directional data exchange with all instruments supported by Advanced Design System.

Data can be acquired from network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and other communications related equipment or models. Such data can be used to represent individual components, instead of datasheet or equation data; it can also be used as a real-world simulation source.

For more information, refer to the Instrument Server documentation in your Advanced Design System manual.


The VEE Link in ADS joins the design and test domains by allowing co-simulations using Keysight VEE from within ADS. VEE provides access to a wide range of instrument drivers and vendor applications.

File Import and Export

The ADS Design Environment supports the import and export of Series IV mask (.msk) files as well as the import of HPGL/2 files.

Advanced Design System supports the following file formats for reading files into and writing files out of the dataset:

  • Touchstone
  • A number of formats of MDIF: MODEL_MDIF, P2D, S2D, IMT, SPW, TIM, T2D, SDF (supports Keysight 89441 and E4406A Vector Signal Analyzers)
  • CITIfile (for file read only)
  • Rawfile

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