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A Complete MMIC Desktop Flow

Advanced Design System (ADS) offers a complete MMIC ADS Desktop Flow to Manufacturing including:

  • MMIC Design Flow ChartEnhanced and customized GaAs foundry qualified, approved and supported Process Design Kits (PDKs)
  • MMIC toolbars enable the full set of layout editing commands customized for foundry-specific PDKs, including single-button commands to:
    • Convert traces to transmission-line elements
    • Edit transmission-line elements (stretch, tap, split, move to layer)
    • Automatically create multi-layer metal traces
    • Synchronize layout back to the schematic
    • Check design differences between layout and schematic
    • Show nodal and physical connectivity
    • Launch the 3D layout viewer and DRC engine
    • To see a demonstration of the MMIC toolbars, refer to the New "Easy to Use" Layout Tool Bar Video Demo.
  • Multi-technology PDK support provides easier management of interconnect layers and automation of MMIC/Module assembly for 3D EM simulation
  • 3D FEM that is fully integrated in ADS
  • ADS Desktop LVS that requires no setup and catches errors early in the design cycle
  • Calibre & Assura DRC support

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