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Does the ENA support 87050E / 87075C series multiport test sets?

(SUPPORTED MODELS IN BOLD: E5071C E5070B/71B E5070A/71A E5072A E5061A/62A E5061B E5091A E5092A)

Unlike the E5061A and E5062A, the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A (ENA) does NOT support full functions of 87050E / 87075C. But it is possible to change switch state of 87050E-Hxx / 87075C-Hxx via GPIB.
For more detail, refer to following description for each combination of the NA and the test set:

[Control 87050E-0xx/Hxx or 87075C-0xx/Hxx from the E5061A/62A (discontinued)]
- Use parallel interface for physical connection between the E5061A/62A and the test set.
- The E5061A/62A has firmware command for the test set, so E5061A/62A's default GUI allows user to control the test set directly.
- Additional functions (Test set cal and SelfCal) are available with E5061A/62A's firmware command.
- Please refer to 87050E & 87075C Multiport Test Set for E506x network analyzers User's and service guide for more detail.

[Control 87050E-Hxx or 87075C-Hxx from the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A]
- Use GPIB interface for physical connection between the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A and the test set.
- The E5061B, E5071C and E5072A does NOT have firmware command for the test set, so their default GUI is not able to control the test set directly.
- User program to send GPIB command is required to control switch state of the test set.
- Additional features (Test Set Cal and SelfCal) are NOT available.
- Please refer to 87050E option H08 User's and Service Guide for more detail.

[Control 87050E-0xx or 87075C-0xx from the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A]
- The test set doesn't have GPIB interface so it's not possible to control the test set form the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A.

Refer to following chart for option description for the 87050E / 87075C:

Product Option Configuration Impedance Control Interface
87050E-004 2x4 50 Parallel
87050E-008 2x8 50 Parallel
87050E-012 2x12 50 Parallel
87050E-H04 2x4 50 Parallel and GPIB
87050E-H08 2x8 50 Parallel and GPIB
87050E-H12 2x12 50 Parallel and GPIB
87075C-006 2x6 75 Parallel
87075C-012 2x12 75 Parallel
87075C-H04 2x4 75 Parallel and GPIB
87075C-H08 2x8 75 Parallel and GPIB
87075C-H012 2x12 75 Parallel and GPIB