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How do I download my preferred Quick Help language for my U1602A/U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope?

You can download your preferred Quick Help language for the U1602A/U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope from the Product Reference CD that is shipped together with the unit. Follow the steps below:

1. Insert the Product Reference CD and click Download to run or save the Firmware Loader to your local drive.
2. Ensure the instrument is disconnected from your PC.
3. Select the firmware of your preferred language (binary file) and save to any directory of your choice.
4. Click and open the Firmware Loader.
5. Click Open BIN to browse the firmware binary file from the directory.
6. Power on the instrument if the instrument is not powered on. To turn on the USB connection of the instrument, press User > Utility (F4 softkey) > USB On/Off (page 1 of 3) > On (F3 softkey).
7. Connect a USB cable to the instrument. The PC will automatically detect the instrument.
8. Power off, then power on the instrument. The firmware upgrade will automatically execute to replace the old firmware with the new firmware.
** DO NOT remove the USB connection between the instrument and the PC during this process.
(If this is violated, the instrument will hang and may not be able to power off. When this happens, disconnect the
battery and repeat the steps above).

When the firmware upgrade is completed, the instrument will automatically power off.
9. Click Exit to close the firmware loader.
10. Power on the instrument.
11. Press User > Utility (F4 softkey) > Languages (F2 softkey) to select the installed
language. The Quick Help menu will then be displayed in the selected language.

Note: If you wish to install a different language, repeat the steps above to replace the previously installed