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How do I order the Infiniium oscilloscope hard drive replacement kit?

Answer: Because the Infiniium oscilloscope family has such a diversified set of hardware configurations, and because of Microsoft licensing requirements, hard drive replacement kits have been set up for Infiniium oscilloscopes with the Windows® XP operating system.

Disregard all previous hard drive part numbers in service manuals and in previous service notes that refer to replacement hard drives for Infiniium oscilloscopes with the Windows XP operating system.

If a hard drive fails or needs to be replaced for any reason, order the appropriate kit part number:

  • DSO80000B, DSO8000A, MSO8000A, Look on the Rear Panel for the Vin # tag.

              - Vin # A60 and A61 order D81004-68701.

              - Vin # A62 order D81004-68702.

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