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How can I get correct Log Frequency Scale Trace Data Using IntuiLink or BenchVue with my ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer?

Note: The Intuilink Toolbar software for Spectrum Analyzers is no longer supported.  It has been replaced by BenchVue Software

The ESA instruments return trace data as Y-axis (amplitude) information only. Because of this, the IntuiLink or BenchVue software must calculate the X-axis (frequency) value for each point using the current display start frequency, stop frequency, and total number of trace points. When using a linear frequency scale this is not a problem, however when the frequency scale is logarithmic it is not able to do this properly.

There are two ways to get the correct trace point frequency data, when using a logarithmic frequency scale. Both involve saving the trace as a .csv file directly from the instrument itself.

1. From the instrument front panel, save the trace data as a .csv file to a floppy disk. This file can then be used in the most common personal computer spreadsheet programs. Information on how to save the trace data to a file can be found in the "Front-Panel Key Reference" section of the instrument User's Guide.

2. Pull this information directly from the analyzer into your computer by using a few of the available remote commands. You will need to remotely save the .csv trace data to the instrument's C: drive

:MMEM:STOR:TRAC TRACE1,"C:mytrace.csv"

and then retrieve the file

MMEM:DATA? "C:mytrace.csv"

Detailed information on these commands can be found in the "Language Reference" chapter of the instrument Programmer's Guide.