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How fast can the 661xC and 663xB Series supplies respond to a command and generate a full scale output?

The output transition time is comprised of two parts: command processing time (before the output starts to change voltage), and the output programming response time (essentially the time it takes the output to go from 10% of the voltage to 90%). Adding both figures will give a good estimate of the output transition time.

For both series of products, the command processing time has been reduced to <4ms.

The 663xB Series products have two operating modes, with a fast/normal mode switch on the rear panel. In the fast mode, the output can slew from 10% to 90% within 400 us. In the normal mode the output slews in 2 ms. Note, use of the fast mode will degrade noise performance somewhat (from 3 mV to 10 mV on the 6632B).

The 661xC models do not offer a fast/normal mode switch, however their output programming response time is approximately 2 ms.