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An KEYSIGHT Graphics Language (.hgl) import filter is not included in later versions of Microsoft Word, and other software applications. How can I import the KEYSIGHT 85869PC data plot files into my word processing or spreadsheet application?

The HPGL2BMP utility converts AGILENT 85869PC EMI Measurement Software-generated AGILENT Graphics Language (HPGL, .hgl) data plot files to bitmap (.bmp) files.

Note: The HPGL2BMP utility is NOT intended for use as a generic HPGL to bitmap file conversion program; it is designed to convert only HPGL files generated by the AGILENT 85869PC software. Attempting to convert HPGL files generated by other applications may have unexpected results.

Jump to Agilent's EMI software support site to download HPGL2BMP utility installation disks and instructions.

HPGL2BMP utility