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Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscope Revision A.02.51 and Printers

The revision A.02.51 software includes changes to improve the reliability and quality of printing. As part of this effort, we have tried to verify print quality on a number of commonly available printers. The recommended printers on this list have been tested and will be fully supported should you encounter a problem. The Keysight Infiniium oscilloscope may work with a printer that is not on this list if there is a Windows 95 driver for the printer.

Some printers do not have the resolution to make high quality printouts with the black background. On these printers, it is recommended that you use the Invert Waveform Colors selection (selected under File - Print Setup - Configure Printer).

The time per page gives information on how long the Keysight Infiniium scope spends processing the printout. The actual printout may take longer to complete. Times may be slower if there are a large number of printouts in the buffer. And times may vary depending on your processor speed. Many tests were performed on a scope with the 133MHz processor and with EconoFast ON. Scopes with faster processors will require less time for most printouts.

The tests were performed with the American English or English drivers. The web links may have newer drivers. Be sure to download the Win 95 version.

In case of broken links, all printer drivers can be accessed via: 

Recommended Printers

Other Tested Printers

Not recommended:

  • DeskJet 1120C - This printer may work for you. Some installation problems were encountered on both the Keysight Infiniium oscilloscope and a Win 95 PC. Therefore, this is not a recommended printer.
  • LaserJet 6L - This printer will work but has some problems with installation as well as spacing in the printout.
  • DeskJet 1600CM - This driver is not compatible with the Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscope application.

Future testing:(scheduled for APR/MAY `99)

  • To Be Determined.

Click here to submit requests for printer tests. Mail to We are interested in knowing which printer(s) you are using. We cannot guarantee that we will test your printer since some printers are no longer available but we will consider all requests. Please include your email address with your request.

Tips for making faster printouts:

1. Use EconoFast. For older printers, this will decrease the quality of the printout significantly and is not recommended.

2. Print using white background. Select the Invert waveform colors box.

3. Print in black and white. Select monochrome and use black and white cartridge.

4. Decrease the amount of data printed by selecting Waveforms Only and not selecting Include Setup Information.

last updated: 08MAR00