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8711C, 8712C, 8713C, 8714C Tower Demonstration Software

This IBASIC program demonstrates the capabilities of the 8711 family of analyzers when testing antenna towers, cell sites, and transmission lines. This is a fully-functional program and may be used to obtain actual results. The code may be used as a basis for a more customized version if desired.

This program is designed to minimize user interaction and involvement and time spent at the top of any tower. Only the open/short/load standards need be made at the top of the tower. Measurement of insertion loss of the tower cable requires that only one end of the cable be connected to the analyzer. If a cable fault is found, it can be quickly and accurately located by using the Fault Location feature.

The program will run from within the network analyzer only.

Click on the hyperlink provided â8711C Tower Demonstration Software Featuresâ? to see the list of features.

Downloading Instructions for the Tower Demo

This file is a self-extracting file. Simply copy it to a floppy disk and execute it, or double click it if in File Manager/Explorer. It will extract into the following files.

  • TOWER - This is the actual program file to be loaded into the 871xC.
  • README.DOC - This contains brief operating instructions in Word 7 format.
  • README.TXT - Same as above but in text format.
  • CELL.CFG - This is a sample configuration set up for a cell site tower (800-900 MHz)
  • PCS.CFG - Another sample configuration set up for a PCS site (1800-1900 MHz)
  • CBL_25ft - A sample configuration designed to test typical cables up to 25 feet.
  • CBL_40M - A sample configuration designed to test a typical high quality cable up to 40 meters.

Note: This is beta version A.00.15. File size is about 60 kB.

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