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How do I declassify or sanitize my 16700-series logic analyzer?

Some test equipment users have a need to "declassify" or "sanitize" their instruments for security purposes. This involves following a procedure that clears all user data from the instrument´s memory. The result is a sanitized instrument that can be removed from a secure area without any chance of classified data being recovered from it.

Follow this procedure to ensure that your 16700A, 16702A, 16700B, or 16702B logic analysis system no longer contains any user configurations or data.

1. Power down the 1670x mainframe using the front panel power switch or by selecting Shutdown | Powerdown from the Session Manager. This will erase all user configurations and data stored in the 1670x system RAM and in the acquisition memory of any 16xxx modules. The memory devices that contain this data are all volatile.

2. Remove the hard disk drive. For step-by-step instructions, refer to:

The hard drive may contain user configurations and data. You will need to store the drive in a secure area, destroy the drive, or use third-party disk sanitation software to remove all data from the drive. Agilent does not recommend nor guarantee the effectiveness of any such software.

3. If there is a disk in the floppy drive, remove it. Place the disk in a secure area or destroy it.

4. If desired, replace the hard drive. The Agilent part number for the drive replacement kit is 16700-69406. This kit includes a 36 GB (or larger) blank SCSI hard drive and mounting hardware. The hardware may or may not be necessary, depending on the size of your current hard drive. If your current drive is 9 GB or smaller, the hardware is required since the larger drives mount in 180-degree rotation from the original mounting position of the smaller drives.

For step-by-step instructions on loading the operating system onto the new hard drive, please see the "Reignite" procedure in the Troubleshooting chapter of the 1670xA or 1670xB Service Guide. You will need the operating system CD, which you can order free of charge at:

For 1670xA models, you will also need an external SCSI CD-ROM drive.

For Agilent parts pricing and availability, please call 877-447-7278 or visit