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How do you know the serial number and calibration date (Last Verification Date) of each module?

The following two methods allow you to see the serial number and calibration date for each module.

1. Using About NA in VNA Firmware.

On the VNA Soft Front Panel, Click System > Help > About NA..., then select required PXI modules

The serial number and Cal Date is shown in box at the middle of dialog box.

Note: This method cannot show the M9389A source calibration date (Last Verification Date)


2. Using PXI VNA Module Information tool

  1. Download the PXI VNA Module Information tool below and put it on the PC of M9485A.
  2. Execute VNA Soft Front Panel.
  3. Execute PXI VNA Module Information.
  4. Enter HiSLIP address if it is not default value (0).
  5. Click Connect, then the system information (M9485A, PC Serial No, Firmware revision) is displayed.
  6. Click Query to get the s/n and calibration date information for all modules.

Note: This tool can be used for M9370A, M9371A, M9372A, M9373A, M9374A and M9375A)


M9485A Module Information