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30 Day Free Trial for the Keysight M8085A MIPI® Receiver Test Solution Plugins

Redeem your FREE 30-day trial M8085A MIPI® receiver test solution software for the M819xA arbitrary waveform generators

Evaluate the full-featured version of an option with no functionality restrictions

Be sure your instrument is current with the latest software release to take advantage of the latest functions and capabilities – Keysight M8070A System Software for M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions

Trial period begins when the license is issued through the Keysight Software Licensing website and is non-renewable

M8085A-CD1 Frame Generation Interface for M819xA AWG, temporary license
M8085A-CDA MIPI® C-PHYSM Calibration, Conformance and Characterization Procedures for M819xA AWG, temporary license
M8085A-DD1 MIPI D-PHY for M819xA AWG, 30 day trial license
M8085A-DDA D-PHY Cal., Conf. & Charact. Procedures for M819xA AWG, temporary license