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FieldFox Cable Identification for N9910X-70x Series

NOTE: Only applicable for N9910X-700/701/704/705/708/709

Current shipping FieldFox cables do not have the Keysight part number printed on the cable; only has the internal cable ID. The same ID is printed on the packing label, which it is the exact and correct cable being ordered. Please use below image as reference to FieldFox cable identification.

An identification enhancement has been implemented to have all next batch cables labeled with Keysight part number.

  Keysight Model-Option Keysight Part Number
1 N9910X-700 N9927-60016
2 N9910X-701 N9927-60017
3 N9910X-704 N9927-60020
4 N9910X-705 N9927-60021
5 N9910X-708 N9927-60024
6 N9910X-709 N9927-60025