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What is SCANSTA112 device?

The SCANSTA112 device is a 7-port multidrop IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) multiplexer designed to connect boundary scan chains into a single chain, it has the ability to remove a board from the system and retain test access to the remaining chains.


Figure 1 – Use of SCANSTA112 for board level management of scan chains

SCANSTA112 supports the following operational modes:

ScanBridge mode consists of a multidrop addressable IEEE 1149.1 switch. This enables one (or more) devices to be selected from many that are connected to a parallel IEEE1149.1 bus or backplane.

Stitcher Mode is a method of skipping level 1 and 2 protocol of the ScanBridge mode of operation. This is accomplished via external pins of the SCANSTA112. When in stitcher mode the SCANSTA112 will go directly to the operational mode.

Transparent mode refers to a condition of operation in which there are no pad-bits. The Transparent mode of operation is available in both ScanBridge and Stitcher modes. The only difference is the method of activation. Transparent mode allows the use of test vectors that have been generated where pad bits were not included.