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Keysight EEsof EDA Solution Partner - DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher University CoursewareDreamCatcher University Courseware provides complete educator resources  for:

  • RF/MW & Wireless Comms
  • Digital & Embedded Systems
  • General Electronics

The DreamCatcher University Courseware provided below has been made available from Keysight Technologies specifically for educators and students involved with the Keysight EEsof EDA University Educational Support Programs.

Free downloads including teaching slides, lab excersices, and reference design files are provided in the tables below.

Teaching Slides

Microwave Filters and RF Oscillators



Microwave Filters (.ppt, 3 MB)

RF/Microwave Filters including, Basic Filter Theory. Passive LC Filter Synthesis Using the Insertion Loss Method, and Microwave Filter Realization Using Stripline Structures.
RF Oscillators (.ppt, 3 MB) RF Oscillators including, Oscillation Concepts, an Overview of Feedback Oscillators, Negative Resistance Oscillators, Fixed Frequency Negative Resistance Oscillator Design, and the Voltage Controller Oscillator.

Lab Excercises on Circuit Design Using Genesys

Circuit Design using Genesys
Download Description
RF Low Pass and Band Pass Filter Design (.doc, 663 KB)

Learn how to design low-pass and band-pass filters in Genesys as well as implement a band-pass filter using an available commercial part library.

RF Oscillator Design (.doc, 1 MB) Design a fixed frequency oscillator circuit based using a negative resistance approach. The courseware also covers performing small-signal verification of the oscillator circuit in frequency domain and a large-signal computer simulation of the oscillator circuit in time and frequency domains.
Lab Sheets (.zip, 4 MB) Complete DreamCatcher courseware lab sheets (PDF format) for RF Circuit Design Using Genesys (impedance matching, filters, distributed directional coupler, LNA, mixer and oscillator).

Lab Excercises on RF Circuit Characterization

RF Circuit Characterization
Download Description
Filter Characterization Using a Vector Network Analyzer (.doc, 336 KB) Learn how to characterize an RF filter with reflection and transmission measurements via a vector network analyzer (VNA). The courseware also describes how to display results in multiple plots such as a Smith Chart, Magnitude, and Phase plot.
Frequency Synthesizer Characterization Using a Spectrum Analyzer (.doc, 1 MB) Measure the output power level, harmonic frequencies, and phase noise of a frequency synthesizer.

Reference Design Files in Genesys Format

Reference Design Files
Download Description
Band Pass Filter (.zip, 143 KB) Band Pass Filter reference design file in Genesys workspace (.wsx) file format.
Voltage Controlled Oscillator (.zip, 3 MB) VCO reference design file in Genesys workspace (.wsx) file format.

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