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What are the IEEE standards that are supported or which are being proposed for support by Cover-Extend Technology?

The available IEEE standards/drafts concerning Cover-Extend Technology are:

1. IEEE 1149.1 - IEEE Standard Test Access Ports and Boundary Scan Architecture and also known as JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) name after the group of engineers who started the IEEE 1149.1 standard. IEEE 1149.1 allows test instruction and data to be serially loaded into a boundary scan device via TDI test data input 9TDI) and the result to be serially read from the test data output (TDO). The other mandatory signals are Test clock (TCK) and test mode select (TMS) and optional test reset (TRST). 

2. P1149.8.1 - IEEE draft Standard for boundary-scan-based stimulus of interconnections to passive and/or active components. The proposed 1149.8.1 will enable selective AC stimulus generation on AC differential pins which enables Cover-Extend Technology to translate the signal into a structural test detecting an open/short pin.

Note: P1149.8.1 is a proposed IEEE standard as of May 2012.

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