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EMC CISPR Compliance Measurements

Ensure your products comply with the latest CISPR and other international EMC standards

ETS-Lindgren’s TILE!™ (Total Integrated Lab Environment) software when combined with the N9038A MXE EMI receiver from Keysight Technologies, EMC chambers, antennas, towers, turntables and test accessories from ETS-Lindgren, provide the foundation of a comprehensive test system to meet all of your EMC compliance needs.

  • CISPR-compliant electromagnetic compatibility measurements
  • Integrates Keysight MXE EMI receiver with ETS-Lindgren TILE software
  • Comprehensive compliance solution with ETS chambers and accessories
  • Prove compliance to CISPR and other international standards
  • Request more information and Keysight’s partner, ETS-Lindgren, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Documentos e downloads

EMC CISPR Compliance Measurements 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with ETS-Lindgren on EMC compliance testing

Brochura 2014-08-01

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