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The parametric Measurement Handbook, Rev 4

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Keysight’s parametric measurement handbook is an essential reference tool for anyone involved with any aspect of parametric test. The handbook is logically organized, and begins by giving a brief overview of parametric test and a history of parametric test instrumentation. It then continues on and covers measurement basics such as measurement terminology, shielding and guarding, and noise. Next, there are chapters devoted to source/monitor unit (SMU) technology and the intricacies of on-wafer parametric measurement. More advanced topics such as high-speed measurements are also covered in subsequent chapters. The final chapters explain the practical measurement concerns surrounding the measurement of resistors, diode, transistors, and capacitors.

You can preview the NEW, REV 4, 2018 table of contents by clicking here.

How to Get It

A printable PDF version of the handbook can be downloaded to qualified customers.
Now, it’s available on English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

To download a NEW, REV 4, 2018 PDF file please click here.