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How do I avoid getting "Out of memory' exception errors when using the BenchLink DataLogger software?

Below are some ideas to help avoid the “Out of Memory” error:

  • Do not leave the Quick Graph tab active in the BenchLink DataLogger (BLDL) application for a long period when you do not need it. The graphs will use up a lot of CPU time and memory. Switch to some other tab while you are running for a long period and do not require to see the Graph at that moment.
  • If you will have a scan running for a long period of time, avoid running other application(s) along with BLDL software.
  • Try running “Disk Cleanup” and/or “Disk Defragmenter” on your PC.
  • If all of the above ideas fail, please send the following detail with subject line "Out of Memory errors" to
  1. The ErrorReports folder: You can find the error file(s) at where you have installed the software. The default install error file(s) should be located at "C:\Program Files\Agilent\BenchLink Data Logger Pro\ErrorReports"
  2. The package of your configuration and data: You can get create a package by going into the Data menu --> Data Manager --> Package --> Create --> select the configuration and data files that cause the error to happen --> Save. Please send us the package file after you saved it.