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Application Poster for DVD

Industry Standards for Keysight Oscilloscopes

Keysight Technologies' oscilloscope test solutions for industry standards can help you get to market first with your next generation serial applications. Quickly see the relevant application software and test equipment for each supported industry standard. This provides an overview of more than 40 industry standards supported by Keysight’s Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes, including PCI-Express®, USB 2.0 and 3.0, SATA, SAS, FC, DVI, HDMI, DDR1/2/3, FBD, Ethernet as well as more general purpose jitter and serial data analysis packages. Keysight is also the industry’s only vendor to offer innovative packages for ultra-wideband vector signal analysis, noise reduction and the new InfiniiScan event identification software.

Designed for engineers as a quick reference, the poster shows the equipment list and characteristics of each industry standards placed conveniently in one location.

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