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Keysight 16800 Series Logic Analyzer


16800 Series Logic Analyzer

  • 15-inch display, available touch screen
  • 4 GHz (250 ps) timing zoom, 64K deep
  • Up to 450 MHz state clock rate
  • Up to 32 M deep acquisition memory
  • Up to 204 channels
  • Only pattern generator in a portable logic analyzer
  • Upgradeable memory depths and state speed

Download application note on Feeling Comfortable with Logic Analyzers (AN 1337)

Need more flexibility? The 16900 Series provides everything the 16800 Series offers and more...

Keysight 16901A Logic Analyzer



16900 Series Logic Analyzer


  • Modularity to configure a system the way you want
  • Higher timing/state speeds
  • Channel counts > 204
  • Deeper Memory depths, up to 256 M across all channels
  • Differential as well as single-ended signal support

Download application note on Evaluating Logic Analyzers Objectively

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