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What accessories should I order with a 8163X power sensor module?

The optical power sensors Agilent Technologies offers are used for optical power measurements. The power sensors will not be able to operate as standalone instruments. The following accessories are needed:

A mainframe
An optical interface

The 8163x power sensor works with the 8163, 8164 and 8166 mainframes
Agilent Technologies offers the following connector interfaces for the 8163x power sensor modules:
81000AI - Diamond HMS-10
81000FI - FC/PC/SPC
81000GI - D4
81000HI - E-2000
81000JI - SMA
81000KI - SC/PC/APC
81000NI - FC/APC, fits both type N and type R keying
81000SI - DIN 47256/4108.6
81000VI - ST
81002LI - LC
Agilent Technologies also offers bare fiber adapters to use with the power sensors. However, the optical heads will be the preferred choice for making optical power measurements on bare fiber.